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It is so nice to enjoy my start of the day reading emails and glance through your new photos in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee! You have inspired me to refreshen my thoughts as I always think of school and upcoming projects. I am a Landscape Architect student and I love the unique way you look at things. I have started to use the same theory-to visually see every color scheme in my gardens to help incorporate more ideas and make sure it can be picture perfect.
<3 Thanks!

March 28, 2012

Judy H.

Oh my goodness. these citrus hues are mouthwatering!  What a sparkling, inviting palette.  I can just imagine a kitchen with this palette, no one would ever leave!!  Such creativity.

March 28, 2012


thank you Meli ... appreciate your thoughtful comment and good luck in your education.

thanks Judy smile

March 29, 2012

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