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i created the concept of Design Seeds in May of 2009 as a way to bring a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color.

beginning in art school and throughout my design career, i have created color palettes while collecting inspiration in journals. Design Seeds are a modern interpretation of these original color journals.

my design experience extends beyond color. i graduated from the Center for Creative Studies with a BFA in Industrial Design. i have worked at companies including Ford, Reebok, & Timberland prior to "going on my own." in addition to color and design services, i consult on brand and social media strategy having worked with clients in the product, home decor, apparel, transportation, and footwear industries.

it is a thrill to be able to share with you my journey and inspiration, thank you for exploring Design Seeds!

– jessica

Frequently Asked Questions

what is that color?
HEX codes are available for all Design Seeds palettes. please check out "what's that color?" to learn how to find and utilize the HEX codes.
what are the names of these colors?
the colors i create for Design Seeds do not have names. this is because color names do not have a universal match across brands, color systems, or commodities.
what paint brand are these chips?
the color swatches created for Design Seeds do not directly correspond with a paint brand or color specifier system.
what program do you use to make the palettes?
all images are modified in Photoshop, and each palette swatch is mixed individually in Illustrator. to read more about my process, please check out "generating color?"
i’m really bad at choosing colors, do you mind if i use some of your palettes?
you may apply the colors to your projects. Design Seeds are meant to inspire, and you are welcome to use them for your designs, art, home remodel, crafts, or wedding palette.
do you know of software where i can upload an image i like and a color palette is generated?
although they exist, i am not a fan of palette generating software because they create subpar palettes. human talent and intuition cannot be duplicated by these programs. if you would like to see this illustrated, please check out "generating color?"
do you take the photos, if not where do you find them?
i have recently started using my own inspiration photos for Design Seeds ... it is an exciting and fulfilling development in my creative process. you can find me on Instagram and view all my original photos HERE. this is a relatively recent development. in order to honor image copyrights for the first 5+ years of the site, i had purchased licenses (this is why there are not visible credits or attribution links). for those seeking to purchase prints, i do not sell prints of my images. as i had kept my sources confidential to continue to provide original content, i unfortunately do not have the links available for the images i purchased (i had not noted or archived them).
i love the glasses in this photo, where can i buy them?
products or materials seen in images are not from a retail website. i do not have links available or sources to purchase the items in the images.
can you create a palette using some of my favorite colors?
i do not create palettes upon request. if you are looking for specific colors, please explore the thousands of available palettes by using the "see similar colors" option or the palette search page.
can you help me choose a palette for my project (home or wedding)?
although i would love to help all readers with their special projects or color challenges, i receive so many requests that i cannot consult on an individual basis.
i love this inspiration and it would work perfectly in my living room, can i purchase a print for my home?
Design Seeds inspiration are created at 72dpi (ideal for online / digital use), and not available as prints.
i would love an actual copy of one of your books (not an ebook). are they available in print?
Design Seeds are only available as ebooks at this time (please check out the *shop* to explore the over 2 dozen available ebooks). to learn more about Design Seeds books, you can read more in this interview.
can i post Design Seeds palettes on my blog?
yes. Design Seeds are copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works license. for more information, please check out the Terms Of Use at the bottom of this page.
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Terms of Use

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Seed Design Consultancy LLC offers Design Seeds® as an inspiration tool and are not intended as an actual color specifier system. We do not take responsibility for any color shifts that occur in digital or printed forms. RGB values are generated through digital software, and accuracy may vary.

You may share Design Seeds® on your blog or site. To honor copyright, the images may not be modified, have graphics added, or collaged into an image board. Proper attribution should be given and reposted Design Seeds® inspiration needs to link back to the original post.

When hosting contests or challenges utilizing Design Seeds® as the inspiration palette, you may not call your challenge "The Design Seeds® Challenge" or use the Design Seeds® name in any form in the title. When posting or sharing how to use Design Seeds® as inspiration for art, crafts, or design the same holds true. You may reference Design Seeds® per conditions stated above.

You may use Design Seeds® colors in creating designs, illustrations, or crafts. However, you may not include Design Seeds® as part of the name or title.

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